The Gunslingers, "About Family"
Episode 001

Episode 001:

Zak and Aaron are back, and hard at work defending their town from the forces of the wild. A visit from Aaron's father and that guy Michael can only distract them for a few moments.

Starring Aaron Manczyk and Zak Tatham and Mike Brooks and David Kinsman!

Jeremy :
Om My Gash I love it, you guys need more and fast! but take you time to make sure they're just this awesome.OOOOMMMGOSH 2>
Haha... awesome stuff, I laughed quite a bit. Reminids me of the Home Movies cartoon, which is a good thing. Keep up the good work. Sebatian

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Update Nov 1st, 09
Efe / Zak / Aaron on 2001-11-09

Hi fellow protector,

We are again, not dead, but have had a whole slew of other things on the work. Some of them can be found at, including our feature film "My Awesome Movie" (here) and lots of Zines, shorts (big complicated ones!) and other stuff.

Soon enough will arrive Episode 002: "About girls", and you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for your patience, and if you want to pay us for these we will work faster. Love, Family Contact.

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The gunslingers is a web series being produced by Family Contact, which consists of Aaron Manczyk, Zak Tatham, and Efehan Elbi. The three of them, in conjunction with new actors and friends, they are the ones behind this series. We are just in the starting phases of production, currently working on new episodes (001 and 002, in this case), and we'd love to see you back. The story should go awesome places.

Thanks for visiting us, and we hope to see you soon!

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